Group plan

Group Plan

We prepare for plan that is most suitable for employee trip and package tour, trip in a great number of people including class reunion.
With nature which is full of green of Tateyama and clean air, natural hot spring of * palm, sea riches of the soil of Toyama, we help the making of memory of trip.
Venue which can cope with contents of the use including return, banquet, meeting in total on accommodation, day prepares a lot.
We prepare for plan of dishes to budget, the number of people.
We help secretary with true heart. Please feel free to contact.

Group plan

More than ten people

 Until Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - Thursday, February 28, 2019 night
 It is excluded in night on - Thursday, January 3, 2019 on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Spacious hot spring & unhurried accommodation
Please use in meeting in bo, the New Year.
Please heal fatigue of one year in seasonal dishes and natural hot spring.

◆Base rate
Two meals per person per night
 Day - Friday night
It is weekdays rate on Friday!
Two meals per person per night

10,500 yen

(tax-included 11,490 yen)
 Saturday, day before holiday night
Two meals per person per night

11,500 yen

(tax-included 12,570 yen)
 Saturday, holiday day before night of January, February
Two meals per person per night

12,000 yen

(tax-included 13,110 yen)

◆On that day-limited rate
 November 23 Friday (holiday), 24 Saturday nights 15,000 yen (tax-included 16,350 yen)
 Friday, December 28 night 13,500 yen (tax-included 14,730 yen)
 January Saturday of December, February Saturday of September night 13,000 yen (tax-included 14,190 yen)
 January 13 moon Sunday, February Sunday of October night 12,000 yen (tax-included 13,110 yen)

◆We prepare room of annex (in the case of main building hope +1,000 yen (tax-included 1,080 yen) per person)


  1. It is the Toyama prefecture, free pickup and drop-off in more than ten people
  2. At the time of banquet, karaoke gives a service
  3. With stand 10% discount coupon
  4. We provide private room banquet room free
  5. Furthermore, 10% of weekdays privilege drink price OFF (except ※ all-you-can-drink)

It changes every month more
One article of service of chef

Roast beef of November Himi beef
Vinegared December queen crab
 zori of January yellowtail
 February Tateyama pork Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board

Option plan

◆Addition of dishes feels free to contact, too, and please attach.

Assorted zori ten portions
One ... 15,000 yen (tax-included 16,200 yen)
Himi beef Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board
One portion ... 2,000 yen (tax-included 2,160 yen)
Two crab cream croquettes
One portion ... 900 yen (tax-included 972 yen)
◆Cook, and rank as, and improve; accept.
... of 1500 yen per person (tax-included 1,620 yen)

◆All-you-can-drink plan(two hours)

Of 2200 yen per person (tax-included 2,376 yen)

Beer, sake (only as for the sake bottle)
Soft drinks ・
Non-alcoholic beer

Of 2500 yen per person (tax-included 2,700 yen)

Beer, sake (only as for the sake bottle)
Soft drinks ・
Non-alcoholic beer ・
Shochu, whiskey

◆One that we want to enjoy after the banquet is ...
Karaoke room
One one hour 

3,000 yen

(tax-included 3,240 yen)
One one hour 

2,000 yen

(tax-included 2,160 yen)
There is table tennis stand, too
One hour 

500 yen


Reservation, inquiry is this

  •   Reservation 076-481-1111 over telephone