We taste blessing of Toyama Bay in green
Toyama Bay which is said to be "natural fish preserve."
We had Tateyama of 3,000m grade in the rear, and the characteristic topography to become deep suddenly built up Ryoba of unique fresh fish from the coast.
Yellowtail which water which is full of nourishment to run down the mountains of the Northern Alps raises, deep red queen crab, shiroebi, firefly squid, fresh seafood including rockfish.
While there is merit only in Toyama that distance from Ryoba to port is extremely close in in Tateyama, toreno is reason that can send fresh seafood to table in the morning.
With scenery of mountain which is full of green, please enjoy blessing of the fresh sea.
Good-quality meat dishes only in Toyama
Speaking of Toyama, fish dishes are famous, but good-quality meat dishes which rich nature brought up are vaunted one of our hotels.
To meat dishes, please have "Himi beef" from Toyama or "Toyama pork".
"Himi cow" which environment that is full of green and water of beautiful Toyama raise. It is the finest Japanese black beef getting high evaluation at competitive show of Kinki block from superior fleshy substance.
Discerning bait and comfortable environment can grow up; "Toyama pork."
We cross three kinds of kinds and are fleshy substance of light taste softly by mixing bamboo vinegar with bait.
You match with seafood, and please enjoy good-quality meat dishes only in Toyama.
Discerning breakfast
For breakfast, please enjoy buffet which included discerning ingredients of Toyama abundantly seasonally.
Approximately 30 kinds of menus form a line by compromise between Japanese and European styles and, toward the Japanese dishes group, become menu to be satisfied with toward the western dishes group.
Rice, please have udon made specially in Toyama including Himi udon, kombu udon in Koshihikari, noodles of Toyama.

Dishes plan introduction

"Enjoyment course"
It is eating a food with great relish to seasonal ingredients of Toyama!
"Special dish course"
We thoroughly enjoy season with dishes of high-quality ingredients!
"Special approval banquet dishes course"
Chef challenges chosen ingredients!
"Easily course"
At advantageous price as for heart and the stomach in happiness!
"Celebration banquet dishes" plan
In meeting of celebrations such as memorial day, entrance into a school of higher grade, employment, the sixtieth birthday